Corps of Cadets -

Corps of Cadets and The Corps Of Cadets now offer flexible, personalized and small group tutoring that can adjust to the learning styles and schedules for all courses. will expand the student's ability to truly understand and learn the course material. We strive to provide convenient one-on-one and small group tutoring from our student workforce comprised of Aggies who have been successful in each course during the previous semester. Students are matched with a compatible tutor and the tutoring takes place at the Trigon. The Cadets bring their homework, old exams, books and everything they need to accomplish their assignments. The Tutors work individually with each student at the student’s level of knowledge. The program is based on weekly consistent maintenance of course assignments and long–term test preparation. All responsibility is placed on the student to come prepared.

When effective group management process are employed, clear assessment guidelines developed and communicated, the likelihood of positive learning outcomes and student satisfaction with group activities is significantly increased. Alternatively, if students cannot see the objective of group work, are unsure of what is expected of them, or believe the assessment methods are invalid or simply unfair, the educational benefits are reduced and tensions can emerge. The conditions under which the group work is conducted are crucial to its success.