College Station Independent School District - College Station, Texas

College Station Independent School District – College Station, Texas

Tutoring For College Station Independent School District

If you are a student in College Station seeking help with studying for exams and standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT, we are here to help.  We have hundreds of tutors in the College Station area that are screened for their knowledge and ability to teach and educate. takes the opportunity to be part of your high school tutoring and education very seriously.  It is our goal to see you achieve high marks on your exams and homework.  From the moment you reach out to us we go to work matching you with the right tutor.  Our expertise in connecting students and tutors is unmatched and we make the entire process quick and easy. Forming the right study habits is something that will last you for a lifetime.  Preparing for exams and meeting deadlines is a part of life that students should be well versed in.  Your education is part of the training for your life goals, and discovering your strengths and weaknesses in learning will help you succeed.

A tutor can help you adjust your studying strategy, correct your homework, help you with writing a paper and more. Spending the time to correct and proofread your work in college is absolutely crucial and having a tutor available that can proofread your homework and make corrections at any time is an excellent resource to have.

At We Offer Group and Private Tutoring

We have been tutoring high school students successfully for over a decade in Texas and we have created tutoring packages that are a fit for groups and individuals alike.

Tutoring Pricing Made Simple At

There is a $32 to $45 per hour charge that can be discounted when you purchase packages with up to 33.3% off the hourly price. A $35.00 non-refundable administrative fee is required to schedule your first meeting with your tutor.  A minimum 5 hours tutoring is needed and 10 hours (or higher) packages can be split between courses. After we get your application and administrative fee we will have one of our get in touch with you and set up a time and place for your first meeting. If you have questions about our private or group tutoring prices contact us directly to learn about our services and rates by emailing us at [email protected]Sign up here!