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Blinn College – Bryan, Texas

Tutoring For Blinn College In Bryan, TexasBlinn College Tutors in Bryan Texas has been tutoring students at Blinn for over a decade.  As a student your time is valuable and studying your course material is crucial to your success both in school and in your applications for furthering your career.  Your studies in college are designed to be challenging and require more effort than many students are prepared for. tutoring solves the problem of time and resources by bringing private tutoring in all subjects to you on your schedule.

Get Matched With A Private Tutor

When you contact about tutoring we go to work immediately to match you with a knowledgeable tutor who will plan your tutoring schedule based around your assignments and exams at Blinn College.

The advantages of using a tutor are many.  When preparing for exams regarding difficult subjects like Chemistry and Physics, a tutor who knows the formulas and the course work can be a tremendous value.  Focusing on your strengths and weaknesses allows you to identify where you stand to make the most progress.  As a client of your success in school is our top priority.  You can set the pace by scheduling 5-20 hours or more of tutoring across a variety of subjects and meeting times that work for your schedule. Private Tutoring Services

  • We offer a variety of tutorial services.

  • Our teachers are available to tutor both online and face-to-face.

  • No complicated fee structure here.

  • Our philosophy is simple: the right way is the easy way, and the easy way is honest and straight forward.

Tutoring Pricing Made Simple

There is a $32 to $45 per hour charge that can be discounted when you purchase packages with up to 33.3% off the hourly price. A $35.00 non-refundable administrative fee is required to schedule your first meeting with your tutor.  A minimum 5 hours tutoring is needed and 10 hours (or higher) packages can be split between courses.

After we get your application and administrative fee we will have one of our get in touch with you and set up a time and place for your first meeting. If you have questions about our private or group tutoring prices contact us to learn about our services and rates by emailing us directly at [email protected]Sign up here!